Best Anime Character Designs

Trabant Chaika

I have always liked the way characters are designed in anime, because they were very different from your “typical” cartoons. Of course today, we see big eyes and other anime influences in many cartoons (e.g. Avatar: The Last Airbender) and animated movies from Disney and Pixar (e.g. Frozen). The five characters that are listed below are my favorite character designs I’ve encountered so far while watching anime. I didn’t set any specific criteria for myself so some characters made the list simply because of their attire.

Note: Some character descriptions may contain minor spoilers for the anime they appear in. Reader discretion is advised!

Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist series)

Edward Elric

I’m a sucker for coats and the color red. Ed’s design incorporates both into one single item. His trench coat, metal arm and leg makes for one badass looking dude. Definitely one of my favorite characters and character designs.

Trabant Chaika (Hitsugi no Chaika)

Trabant Chaika

Chaika is on the list because of her epic/creepy coffin, which serves as a container for her magic gun(?) called Gandr, that she’s carrying around wherever she goes. Her overall character design is very well done and very memorable since you don’t see little girls carrying coffins around every day, not even in anime.

Otometachibana Rinon (Witch Craft Works)

Otometachibana Rinon

I’ve just recently finished watching this anime (it was decent) and Rinon’s hoodie really made an impression on me, so much so that I’ve decided to write this article. Rinon’s just another character which made the list solely because of the attire and nothing more.

Matatabi (Two-Tails) (Naruto Shippuden)


Not a huge fan of the Naruto series in general, but Two-Tails’ design really blew me away. Not only it’s a big cat (I love cats), but it’s a big cat on fire with tribal “tattoos” all over it. This character’s design alone has made me a bit more fond of the Naruto series and I’m hoping it’ll make more appearances.

Suigintou (Rozen Maiden series)


I really like Gothic styled clothing, preferably with some lace. Suigintou’s attire doesn’t feature any lace, but nonetheless it looks really awesome. Both the old (2004) and the new and slightly improved (2013) designs are great, but I have to admit that I prefer the older Suigintou’s character design, because her eyes were more menacing.

These are my picks for best anime character designs. Which character designs are your favorites?

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3 thoughts on “Best Anime Character Designs

  1. I love Fullmetal Alchemist and Rozen Maiden! I haven’t seen the others yet but still. Love love love! (:

  2. This is not a very well thought out list. Especially two tails that probably took less work to design than literally any other character in the show.

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