Most Visually Stunning Anime Openings

Nisekoi opening sequence

We all have our favorite anime openings that usually include a song that we like or that has stuck in our head for months (Haiyore Nyaruko-san W anyone?). However, I thought I’d break the standard of listing the anime openings that I think are the best and rather list the ones which visuals I’ve found really stunning and unique.


This anime’s first opening definitely struck home with its use of colorful transitions. Not to mention that the opening also features ClariS which makes it that more enjoyable, since it appeals to the eyes as well as the ears.

Elfen Lied

Despite not being a big fan of the anime itself, I must say that the opening sequence’s visuals and song are just breathtaking. Would love to see more such openings in the near future, since they’re an experience.

Sora no Woto (Sound of the Sky)

When I first seen this opening sequence, I really liked it since it gave the same vibe as Elfen Lied’s opening. After watching it a couple of times I started to notice that the opening tells the folktale which is mentioned and explained in the anime several times and that really made me appreciate the opening even more.


I honestly don’t know how to describe my feelings for Gosick’s first opening sequence. All I know is that I love the fairy tale-like visuals and have a feeling that the song doesn’t go well with it at all.

Death Note

I really like both opening sequences from Death Note, especially the second one. Bunch of visual styles thrown together, really goes well with the crazy song performed by Maximum The Hormone.

This concludes my list, but I’m sure there are a bunch of anime opening sequences that I’ve missed or haven’t seen yet. Which opening sequences’ visuals did you find stunning or unique?

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