Review: Soul Eater NOT!

Soul Eater NOT!

I’m a fan of the original Soul Eater so I’ve enjoyed my visit back to Death City its Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA). However, I was rather disappointed by the lack of action. It was still nice to see Soul, Maka and some of the other characters from the main show as cameo appearances, but that only made me want to go watch the main show.

Story (5/10)

The show takes place one year before the events of the main show and somewhat intertwines with the main show, since we get to see Sid’s death and get to know the reason behind it which wasn’t shown in the main show.

The story is good, but it’s something we’ve all seen before and it brings little to nothing new to the table. This time instead of entire world being in danger, only the Death City and DWMA are due to being targeted by a witch called Shaula who is the younger sister of Medusa from the main show.

Animation (8/10)

Some fight scenes that happen early in the series look really goofy and seems as if all budget was cut from those few scenes. Though, other than that the animation is good and pleasant to look at.

Characters look like any other anime characters these days so they’re pretty forgettable, with exception of Shaula whose character design I really like and will definitely be featured in the next article about cool character designs.

Albarn Maka

I was taken off guard when I first saw the characters from the main show, because they look so different, especially Maka and Soul. Luckily they don’t get much screen time so there’s no need for me to flip out over the fact that they’ve changed my bellowed characters’ designs.

Sound (5/10)

The only two songs that stand out are the opening and ending songs. They’re both great, but they don’t get you as pumped to watch the show as the main show’s Resonance by T.M. Revolution did.

Characters (3/10)

Like I’ve mentioned in the Animation section, characters are pretty forgettable. I’ve finished watching this show just a few hours ago (at the time of writing this review) and I’m already forgetting the names of the characters that had the dominant role in the show (luckily we have Google to solve that issue for me).

The main issue I have with the characters is that they all fit into your standard anime archetypes. For example: Tsugumi is cheerful, Meme is air-headed and Anya is your typical kuudere princess.

Enjoyment (5/10)

When I first started watching I was expecting more than I should and like I’ve mentioned before, I was disappointed. Though I have to say that I’ve enjoyed the show despite its flaws and I don’t regret sticking with it till the very end.

Overall (5/10)

Soul Eater Not! is your average anime if you don’t compare it to the main show too much. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of the main show and are craving for an anime that takes place in the Soul Eater universe.

My real name is Andraž, but online most people call me KAMI. While I have a passion for tech and games; anime is my true love. In my free time, I like to watch anime and write about things that interest me.

3 thoughts on “Review: Soul Eater NOT!

  1. I can’t really disagree with your review, although I found the characters quite likeable.

    However it isn’t set in an alternate world or continuity. Death City is in Nevada in both series. Also Sid doesn’t die in both series, his death is the same in both. He was mentioned in Soul Eater as bring killed by a Statue of Liberty. Then in SEN a Statue of Liberty kills him. The reason why no info about him being a zombie comes up is because it isn’t revealed until Maka and the others find out in Soul Eater. So SEN extends the universe a bit more.

    Definitely agree about Shaula’s design though, it’s fantastic!

    • Thanks for the clarification! It’s been a while since I watched the original Soul Eater so it seems that I forgot the details surrounding Sid’s death.

      I will edit the review accordingly to avoid any confusion. Thanks again!

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