Review: Air Gear


It has been a really long time since I last watched an anime that brought back the memories of the time when I watched anime and didn’t know I was doing so (being a kid and all). Air Gear managed to bring that nostalgic feeling back, despite it being your average anime about a protagonist that consistently encounters harder obstacles that he has to overcome with the help of his friends and opponents that cut him a lot of slack.

Story (3/10)

The story is your standard action oriented anime story where the protagonist (and his friends) are constantly encountering and facing new and tougher opponents and they overcome the odds with determination, perseverance and sheer luck.

Story follows Minami Ikki who at first is riding Air Treks* alone and overcomes few challenges on his own due to sheer luck, but soon he decides to create his own team with couple of his old friends as well as with couple of new-found ones. Without rambling on for too long; Ikki and his team get involved with some high-ranking AT riders as well as get pulled into a project called Genesis. This is also where this first season ends.

* Pretty much a pair of modified roller blades with only two wheels and a pressure mechanism that makes them spin depending on the amount of pressure put on the foot.

Animation (5/10)

Animation is pretty standard, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad. It really reminded me of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Beyblade series for some reason. I have no gripes with the animation whatsoever, the battles looked decent and the animation quality didn’t go down as the season progressed.

There is a bit of nudity present in the first few episodes (probably with the intention to hook on the younger audience) which was a bit out-of-place, but then again, I won’t complain over a few nipples that were shown (nether region is censored with a cute little crow).

Sound (7/10)

I’m not a big fan of music that gives the “cool” vibe, but it really suited Air Gear’s atmosphere since they were supposed to be the “cool kids”. I really liked the opening song Chain by Back On and its the only song that will be added to my anime soundtrack playlist.

Characters (5/10)

Characters are pretty standard and most of the names will be forgotten within a week or two. The most interesting character in my opinion is Akito who has multiple personality disorder and has another personality residing inside him by the name of Agito who is also known as Shark and is probably the most aggressive character in the anime.


Enjoyment (8/10)

To be honest I first started watching Air Gear thinking that it’s going to be your standard action ecchi show where breasts and butts will be flying everywhere – was looking forward to it. However despite not showing me much of what I hoped I’ll see, it managed to hook me with its story, lovable characters and some cool action scenes. I had fun watching it.

Overall (6/10)

Air Gear is slightly above average anime that provides you with enough entertainment to make you want to see more of it. If you have several hours to spare, give it a shot, I’m sure you wont regret it.

My real name is Andraž, but online most people call me KAMI. While I have a passion for tech and games; anime is my true love. In my free time, I like to watch anime and write about things that interest me.

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