Review: Jormungand


I had a lot of fun watching this anime, so much fun that I’m honestly thinking of re-watching it again even though I’ve just finished watching it recently. It reminded me a lot of Black Lagoon with its wisecracking characters and somewhat similar story, but I must say that Jormungand is a lot better of the two in my opinion.

Note: I’m only reviewing the first season of the anime. The second season has a subtitle which leads me to believe that it can stand on its own and can be reviewed separately as well.

Story (7/10)

Jormungand doesn’t really have an overall story, because it basically shows us the day-to-day life of an arms dealer Koko and her team of personal bodyguards. The separate stories are told mostly from a point of view of Jonah, a boy-soldier who is the latest addition to Koko’s team of bodyguards.

When it comes to backstories and character development, Jonah and Valmet (female bodyguard with leet knife skills) get more attention than any other character. The backstories are really interesting and give you an idea why and how the specified character meet and joined Koko’s team of bodyguards.

Animation (8/10)

The entire anime has a faint noise effect over itself which makes it look just gorgeous. Gunfights were really spectacular even when there was a lot of movement involved (e.g. Valmet’s knife fights). The explosions looked really bad-ass, same goes for fire and gunfire sparks.

I have to mention the anime’s opening, because it’s simply stunning. Unlike certain anime openings, this one completely follows the music and incorporates it in its animation (much like Black Lagoon).


Sound (7/10)

Music in the anime is great and it fits just perfectly. The gunshots and explosions sound really epic as well, but since I’ve never heard a gun being fired in person, I cannot confirm if it’s authentic or not.

Characters (8/10)

All of the characters are enjoyable to listen to and there isn’t a single one that was annoying to me. However it would be nice if there would be some more variety when it comes to their personality, because it seems as if everyone is just a copy of each other – majority of them are just wisecracking cool guys that can’t wait for gunfire to start.

Enjoyment (10/10)

Just like I’ve mentioned before, I had a lot of fun watching this first season of Jomungand. It’s one of the rare anime that I’ll definitely re-watch when I’m bored or just don’t have anything better to do with my time.

Overall (8/10)

Jormungand is a must-watch anime, especially if you enjoy the action genre. Odds are that if you’ve enjoyed Black Lagoon that you’ll enjoy Jormungand as well, maybe you’ll enjoy it even more, like myself.

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