Review: Rainbow: Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin

Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

I wanted to find an anime in the 1955 era in a reformatory school setting to get a feel of what teenagers had to go through. I sure found it. I have never cried during an anime before. In fact I have never cried during anything I have seen before. It’s a heartfelt and heart breaking story. That will have you on the edge of your seat.


The story starts off with seven teens having to endure and live together under the same holding cell -2-6 in the Shounan Disciplinary School. Together they must endure countless horrors, suffering and humiliation which awaits them at every turn. Together they will learn to live and survive.

The story

The series start out with an explicit content warning. It’s explicit in the way its about violence and real stuff that happened in the 1955 era after World War II.  It is a brutal, and depressing series that will engross you for hours to come.
The reason you will be so engrossed is you will connect with the characters stories as they try to endure there hopes and dreams. All why being being crushed by the adult in the series.  Right when you think a character will make it though the series makes a twist and turn.
During the first half of the series; the teens are all complex and troublesome individuals until they united by a leader An-chan. An-chan teaches them to overcome hurdles with the importance of friendship and true strength. Also how they start entering the real world with there aspirations and dreams.

The second half goes through the issues of them tackling society of delinquents after the reformatory school. You will see there friendships being tested. But in the end they always manage to pull through for each other.

The art

It played a big part in the story. The villains eyes were drawn perfectly to portray there villain types stares that would give you chills down you back.

The still frame narrations went perfectly with the story. It turned into an old style painting where you could fill the sadness poor through.

The animation

The animation goes along with the atmosphere perfectly with an edgy and dark feel to it.

You truly feel as your in with the delinquents going through each of there stories.


I’m not much for critiquing sound. But the voice acting was amazing. Without looking at the screen you could tell who was speaking. The villains have a creepy voice to it which made it suitable.


Overall not watching the series would be a crime in itself for this is the best anime series to come in a long time.

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