Review: Uninhabited Planet Survive

Uninhabited planet survive

I wanted to find an anime where humans had to survive on a deserted island. The anime succeeded beyond my expectations. However if you are looking for a realistic survival anime, you will want to look elsewhere. At times they performed miracle events that seemed unrealistic at times. However if you are looking for an underdog anime that is a story with friendship and companionship, then this is the anime for you.

I was pretty impressed with the kids work ethic and the amount of challenges they had accomplished. They may be kids but there determination was inspiring. Nothing was handed to them. They built everything from scratch, from tools too shelters.


The story is set in the future where Earth is inhabitable and only exists in history books. So humans have to live in space with designated habitable colonies on planets. What happens though when eight children go on a field trip and crash on an uninhibited planet? The story truly begins.
The first dozen episodes starts out slow but after the twelve episode you will be on the edge of your seat.
There is no downfall to the brilliance of the series.


There is the main characters Luna with her robotic cat, Chacko. The mechanic kid genius Shingo, quiet Karou, spoiled selfish Howard, the commanding student counselor Menori, self-conscious Bell, shy bookworm Sharla and the lone wolf Kaoru. Also Adam the alien boy they find in cryogenic sleep later on. You will be rooting for all the characters except for Howard where he gets on your nerves sometimes. Eventually you will learn to like him as he develops as a character. Throughout the series all the characters get developed and you see the friendships and struggles form.

The art

The art was bipolar you could say. One moment your pausing the anime too look at beautiful lush visuals such as the lakes. But then next minute you are looking at horrible drawn characters and lazy movements.


Uninhabited planet survive had some great sounding tracks. The flow of the music portrayed there situation brilliantly. No wonder the opening song was nominated for best anime song CD’s. The sound effects to the piano chords, spaceship, water, and tools were also superb. Which went to the flow and movement of the anime.


Overall you would be lost not watching this series. You will find the true meaning of friendship. Also it’s a heart whelming story.

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