Best Anime Character Designs #2

Black Lotus

There are many character designs that I’m ecstatic about and I cannot wait for them to appear on-screen. Due to this I’ve decided to write a follow up to the original article of the same title and I can almost guarantee that this one will not be the last one. To hopefully cut back on the amount of these articles, I’ve decided to list 10 instead of the regular 5 of my favorite character designs.

Note: Some character descriptions may contain spoilers for the anime they appear in. Read at your own discretion. Don’t forget to check out the original article; Best Anime Character Designs.

Cifer Ulquiorra (Bleach)

Cifer Ulquiorra

From what I gather, Ulquiorra has several forms and if so, I’m not surprised considering how much of a cool guy he is. To be completely honest, nearly every single digit arrancar should be listed here, because all of them look cool and menacing at the same time, but I think that Ulquiorra takes the cake.

Gorgon Shaula (Soul Eater NOT!)

Gorgon Shaula

I never thought that I’d add a character with crazy hair to my favorite character designs, but Shaula deserves it. I got hooked on the crazy hair color the moment her character was revealed. I honestly don’t care how shallow and flawed her character is, because her character design makes up for all her shortcomings.

Zero (Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch series)


As cool as Lelouch is, when he puts on the mask and the cape of Zero, his coolness meter jumps tenfold. Of course he wears something beneath the cape as well, but that doesn’t matter much, because you just can’t take your eyes of that epic spiky mask.

King Kazma (Summer Wars)

King Kazma

Source: DeviantART

Take a cute fluffy bunny, give it a humanoid body and you get badass looking rabbit. If you throw in some cool and colorful clothes and teach it how to fight, you’ve got King Kazma. I’m not exactly sure why I like King Kazma so much, but it’s just badass, especially since it doesn’t talk (if I remember correctly).

Tokisaki Kurumi (Date A Live series)

Tokisaki Kurumi

We’ve already established that I’m a fan of gothic-styled women clothes so choosing Kurumi’s character design seems such a no-brainer. I also have fondness for different colored eyes and powers involving the eyes and Kurumi possesses both of these features which makes her even cooler in my eyes.

Evangelion Unit-01 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Evangelion Unit-01

Despite not being a huge fan of the giant robots and mecha genre in general I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion when suggested by a friend (before I became an anime fanboy). Being the first mecha anime that I watched, I’m definitely biased, but I don’t care. Eva Unit-01 is one of the most badass looking mecha in anime.

Black Lotus (Accel World)

Black Lotus

I really enjoyed watching Accel World, especially due to being similar to Sword Art Online which is one of my favorite anime. I love the design of Black Lotus, mostly because black and purple (indigo?) go so well together and make Kuroyukihime look even more menacing. Having long blades and basically floating in the air doesn’t hurt the overall image either.

Archer (Fate/Stay Night series)


I hate this character, especially now that I’ve seen what he did to Emiya in Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works. However, I cannot lie that whatever he does he looks like a badass. From serving tea to his master to kicking Caster’s ass in battle, he looks badass and I’m pretty sure he’s aware of it.

Nikolaevich Hell Alexander (Seikon no Qwaser series)

Alexander Nikolaevich Hell

Not a big fan of the series in which Sasha stars in, but despite that I have to admit that I really like his design. His design isn’t really anything special, but I love the scar that he gets under his eye when he goes into the “Qwaser mode” and I’m a sucker for scars and tattoos. It also helps that he’s Russian, because Russian language is almost as cool as Japanese.

Death The Kid (Soul Eater)

Death The Kid

Seems like this list turned into the “black edition” considering how many of the showcased characters wear black or dark clothes. Nevertheless, Death The Kid deserves this spot due to his symmetry or rather the small lack of thereof if we don’t count his special cannon thingamajig where the lines on his head connect into full circles. Being the only meister who wields two cool looking handguns, he’s the coolest guy you can find in Soul Eater.

Which are some of your favorite anime character designs?

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  1. Nice list you got here :).
    I would have to add Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. Without spoiling too much, his final form is so damn cool :P.

    • Few days ago I saw his final hollowfication form (Episode 233) and I completely agree that it’s badass. I’ll definitely include it one of the future best anime character design lists 🙂

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