Review: Jormungand: Perfect Order

Jormungand: Perfect Order

To be honest I expected a lot from Jormungand’s second season, Jormungand: Perfect Order. Sadly it didn’t deliver what I’ve expected just like many other anime (or movie) sequels out there. It’s still enjoyable to watch, since it still has great animation and outstanding firefights that are never boring to watch.

Note: I’m only reviewing the second season of the anime. Plot spoilers are present so read at your own discretion. If you wish to read my review of the first season, you can do so right here: Jormungand Review.

Story (5/10)

Jormungand: Perfect Order picks up right where the first season left off so it’s advised that you watch the first season in order to know the characters and the overall gist of the series. The story this time revolves around Koko’s ambition to put the secret plan she’s been conjuring with Dr. Minami into action.

Without spoiling anything further, the entire season mostly revolves around this secret plan and how Koko manages to pull it off (series end just before she does so).

Animation (8/10)

The animation is still rock-solid and is as pretty as it can be. The gunfights and explosions look as amazing as they did in the first season. We even get some fanservice with the majority of the series’ women being featured topless in at least one scene – it’s a bit out of place, but we all know that shower/onsen scene is a “must” in every anime.

Jormungand: Perfect Order

Sound (7/10)

The sound is great and keeps up with the epicness that’s being shown on the screen. Though I’m a bit sad that the opening was changed, because I really love the first season’s opening, because it got you pumped for the upcoming episode.

Characters (6/10)

The majority of the new characters that get introduced get limited screen time and some of them get killed off despite being more interesting and more of a challenge for Koko and her team than some of the other characters/teams (e.g. Hex (Paramilitary Operations Officer)).


One major gripe that I have with character development in this second season is that it feels as if some characters do things that they normally wouldn’t do and doesn’t fit their personality or actions thus far. As an example; Jonah refuses to throw away his last gun when he gets the opportunity to do so, despite consistently stating that he hates guns and people who use them.

Enjoyment (6/10)

Despite having it’s flaws it’s still a rather enjoyable experience thanks to a lot of gunfights, explosions and some interesting character backgrounds that we didn’t get to cover in the first season.

Overall (6/10)

An enjoyable experience, but definitely a step back compared to the first season. You can pass on watching Jormungand: Perfect Order unless you’re craving for some more gun action and explosions which are still the highlight of the series.

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