Funny Anime Characters That Make Your Day

Yuuki Aito

I think that I can safely say that everyone likes a good laugh. Nearly every anime has a comic-relief character to prevent even the grungiest of stories to be lighthearted, even if just for a moment. I’ve decided to list some of the characters that I found hilarious and couldn’t wait for them to start occupying the screen.

Note: Some of the character descriptions contain spoilers, read at your own discretion.

Acura Akari (Hitsugi no Chaika series)

Acura Akari

I’m a fan of everything ecchi so it’s not a big surprise that I like Akari’s personality. She might not be a comic-relief character per se, but she might as well be considering that she’s “owning” Tooru every single chance she gets.

Yuuki Aito (Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to The Animation)

Yuuki Aito

One of the rare characters that makes me laugh no matter how depressing my day might be. He is a manga artist who spends too much time and effort on drawing panties in his works. Anime shows him in bunch of funny situations that never get old and make me laugh every single time.

Arita Haruyuki (Accel World)

Arita Haruyuki

Every time Haruyuki is occupying the screen, I have a sudden urge to burst out laughing. He might not be funny, but his character design sure is. Being extremely small and fat, he’s bound to be a target for laughs, especially when no other character in the anime comes close to his ridiculous design.

Death The Kid (Soul Eater series)

Death The Kid

He’s a cool character altogether, but I personally love him because of his running joke of symmetry. Being a perfectionist myself, it’s extremely funny to see him struggle whenever something isn’t aligned properly or lacks any kind of symmetry.

Kusajishi Yachiru (Bleach)

Kusajishi Yachiru

She’s a little sunshine that follows Kenpachi Zaraki everywhere. I’m her fan, because no matter what kind of danger is around, she’s always smiling and giving everyone proper or silly nicknames.

Which characters make your day with their jokes or personality/appearance quirks?

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