Review: Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail


I was really excited to check out Roberta’s Blood Trail, because Roberta is one of the most badass characters in Black Lagoon. After watching this 5 part OVA, I have to say that she’s now my favorite as well as most hated character in Black Lagoon series.

Story (6/10)

Unlike the series, Roberta’s Blood Trail focuses mainly on Roberta and the family she serves. Roberta goes on a killing spree after the death of her beloved master, leaving his son Garcia in the care of a young maid that, like Roberta, is packing guns in case Garcia needs protection.

The story is very action packed and the title of the OVA is just spot on, she indeed on several occasions leaves a bloody trail consisting of enemies as well as her own blood.

Animation (7/10)

The animation doesn’t seem any different than from your average Black Lagoon episode. However, it seems like some more of the budget was used in the last episode, because there are some really well animated scenes, especially the one where Garcia and Fabiola (young maid) jump into the river at night.

Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail

Sound (4/10)

The opening song is a remixed version of the standard Black Lagoon opening song. It’s not as good as the original song and the visuals don’t seem to align with the music which is a shame and rather disappointing, considering that the Black Lagoon’s opening is just amazing.

Characters (7/10)

Characters stay the same as per usual, but Rock gets some more character this time around. It finally feels as if the damned city of Roanapur is starting to effect his characteristics, because he’s gets to make some menacing faces this time around, which were usually reserved for Revy and Roberta.


Enjoyment (5/10)

To be absolutely honest, I just couldn’t get into it. Sure, there’s a lot more action this time around, but the constant nagging from Garcia and the rest of the characters becomes annoying. It felt poorly paced and towards the end it made me want to kill Roberta due to stuff she was starting to pull, sane or not.

Overall (6/10)

Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail is definitely worth the watch, especially if you’re a fan of the series. It has a lot of action and some minor character development and backstory which will made every fan of Black Lagoon more than happy.

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