My Thoughts: Grisaia no Kajitsu

My Thoughts: Grisaia no Kajitsu

I was really excited when I heard that my favorite visual novel to date will be getting an anime adaptation. Of course I was skeptic if they can pull it off, especially since they are pretty much forced to not pick a specific route due to the Grisaia no Meikyuu which continues as if the protagonist hasn’t picked a specific route (according to its story summary).

My fears/skepticism wouldn’t be realized if they wouldn’t make it into a 13 episode anime adaptation which is obviously too little if you wish to properly tell 4 stories. Sadly, because of it being so short (considering the source material), it was almost guaranteed to fail to properly represent the source material, causing the anime to be below average.

Despite it not being the adaptation that I hoped for, it still has some good points. The characters and their voices all stay true to their visual novel counterparts and I was still very happy (to the point of tearing up) to see several of my favorite characters being animated in the environment and having them interact with one another. For the first time we also heard Kazami Yuuji’s voice which was really cool and it felt as if he had a voice all along. The opening was also very enjoyable to listen to and watch, even though it wasn’t the same as in the visual novel – I’ll actually argue that the song was a lot more enjoyable.

Kazami Yuuji

The major gripe that I have with the adaptation is the fact that the story was moving too fast and lacked good pacing. One episode we’re crying over Michiru and in the other we’re tense to see what happens next. It’s also worth noting that Komine Sachi’s and Sakaki Yumiko’s stories were the shortest which was a disappointment, since I really liked Yumiko’s route in the visual novel.

All in all, Grisaia no Kajitsu’s anime adaptation is below average which makes me very sad, since I hoped for a longer and a better adaptation. However, despite that I suggest checking it out and then reading the visual novel if you somewhat like the anime. Sadly there’s no official English translation as of yet, but Sekai Project is working on it and you can check its Kickstarter page which will fund the all-ages version.

What are your thoughts on the Grisaia no Kajitsu’s anime adaptation?

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