Review: Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki

After seeing an avatar on Hummingbird community forums of Yuno behaving all crazy-like I knew I have to check the anime out and it just so happened to be on my Plan to watch list anyway so I gave it a go. It didn’t disappoint.

Note: Some plot spoilers are present in this review. Read at your own discretion.

Story (8/10)

The god of time and space (Deus Ex Machina) is dying and he decided to choose his successor via a game of survival. Twelve people (thirteen considering that 7th participant is a couple) have their diaries transformed into Future Diaries which show the future depending on what they were using their diary for before. In order to become the next god of time and space, they have to kill every other person who possesses a Future Diary.

Story mainly focuses on Amano Yukiteru who is the very first owner of the Future Diary and who before all this began, was certain that Deus Ex Machina is his one and only friend – imaginary at that. He soon comes across a weird girl by the name of Gasai Yuno who helps him along the journey in her own twisted ways.

Gasai Yuno

Animation (7/10)

The animation is very nice and it stays that way till the very end, maybe even improving as the series progress. The death scenes and later the fight scenes both look gruesome like they should be and happy moments are bright and sweet, despite there hardly being any.

Sound (5/10)

The sound is where I’m not really convinced. It’s one of the rare anime for which the opening I couldn’t watch more than once, despite there being three different openings across the entire series. The music and sound effects are all good and set the mood, but despite that I didn’t really enjoy the soundtrack.

Characters (8/10)

All of the characters are very interesting and every single one has a different (and valid) reason why they want to win the survival game. I really liked the backstories of each and every character, despite two of them being really hard to stomach due to them showing women being sexually assaulted.

The one and only character that I absolutely despised was the “protagonist”, Amano Yukiteru. Throughout the entire anime he’s a crybaby even though he should gradually become accustomed to the harsh reality even if he doesn’t want to. Not to mention that he seems to be an idiot as well. It could be that I’m older than he is in the anime and therefore have a different mindset than he has, but I am sure that I wouldn’t forgive my mother’s killer no matter who he was.

Amano Yukiteru

Enjoyment (10/10)

I was hooked the very second Gasai Yuno first showed up on the screen. I had some moments where I was choking and tearing up, but they were far in between certain episodes (e.g. death of 7th couple). Will definitely be rewatching the anime in the future, it’s just that good.

Overall (8/10)

Mirai Nikki is a very good anime and it was a great one to start off this new year. It certainly has some issues with the story, especially towards the end of it all, but nonetheless it was a very enjoyable experience. I recommend checking it out, especially if you’re a fan of thrillers and science fiction.

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