Review: Psycho-Pass

Tsunemori Akane

I heard a lot of good things about Psycho-Pass from friends and the overall anime community and I thought I’d check it out. It really disappointed me and it was one of the hardest anime that I’ve managed to sit through due to being so boring and uninteresting.

Note: Spoilers up ahead. Read at your own discretion.

Story (4/10)

Psycho-Pass takes place in futuristic Japan where a private organization called the Sibyl System is ruling with an iron fist. Everything a person does is subject to the Psycho-Pass technology which determines the probability of you committing a criminal act on regular basis to ensure a “utopia”.

We follow Tsunemori Akane who has just finished school and underwent an exam which determines which job would be best for you. The exam results provide her with a wide variety of possible choices and she decides to go with the law enforcement, the Public Safety Bureau and she becomes an Inspector. She is assigned to Division 1 where she meets her colleagues, a fellow Inspector and several Enforcers.


During the course of the anime, Akane and her colleagues are investigating several crimes that end up being connected to a man, Mikishima Shogo. He is one of the people who can not be judged by the Psycho-Pass technology and therefore can not be stopped with the Dominator (special gun that check’s persons Psycho-Pass and determines an appropriate course of action – no action, neutralization or death).

Animation (8/10)

Psycho-Pass’ animation is spot on. The movements are very fluid and the Dominator transformation is very cool (reminds me of Transformers movies). I especially liked the death scenes, because they feature a lot of blood splattering all over the place. The overall animation really reminded me of Black Lagoon and Jormungand, it’s very dark, full of pastel colors.


Sound (6/10)

The opening and ending songs weren’t something that I enjoyed. The music and sound are average, not too bad, but not great either.

Characters (5/10)

Majority of the characters are pretty bland and uninteresting. Anime tries its best to make the antagonist and certain Enforcers interesting, but it fails. The only character that has any actual character development is Akane who goes from a determined, yet timid girl to a veteran Inspector who takes things into her own hands.

Enjoyment (3/10)

Like I’ve mentioned already, I didn’t really enjoy this anime. It took me about a month to finish the first season and I have no intention of watching the sequel, Psycho-Pass 2 which finished airing early last year. I don’t know why I couldn’t get into it, all I know is that it was nearly as painful to watch as Senran Kagura which I’ve put on hold due to its dullness.

Overall (5/10)

I wouldn’t recommend watching Psycho-Pass unless you’re a fan of the manga or Sci-Fi genre. The animation is great, but it can not compensate for the boring dialogue that is clearly trying to be as engaging as Death Note’s dialogue was.

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