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If you didn’t know already, I’ve been sick for quite a while. When I’m sick, I always lie in bed and marathon through anime series that I’ve already seen, either countless times (e.g. Death Note) or series that left an impression on me when I first seen them. No Game No Life definitely left an impression on me when I first watched it and I actually enjoyed it more the second time around.

Note: I’m experimenting with a different review style. I think that this style suits me better due to there being no requirements on what I have to mention and what not. As always, spoilers up ahead!

We’re first introduced to Sora and Shiro, who are NEET step-siblings that spend all their time playing games on their computers. However, they are no ordinary gamers, they are actually the best gamers in their world. Every single game that they play, they are the best at it, in fact, they’re so good that they can defeat players that are using cheats as well.

They are contacted by an anonymous person via email and challenged to a game of chess. When they win, the anonymous person turns out to be a god from another world, named Tet. Tet transports them to his own world (Disboard) due to being satisfied with Sora and Shiro’s answer to his question of what they thought of their world and what they think of a world where everything is decided by playing games.


As expected, Sora and Shiro get accustomed to the new world very quickly and very soon become the masters of the ten pledges that everyone has to abide in Disboard. Over the course of the anime they meet a colorful arrangement of characters that help them beat various opponents. Each opponent they defeat brings them closer to being able to challenge Tet to the ultimate game of chess.

No Game No Life is spanned over 12 episodes which can be marathoned in a day without any issues due to anime being very fun to watch. The anime will hopefully get a second season, since the first season only covers the first major battle against one of the races (assuming Volume 1 of  the manga).

I really enjoyed watching No Game No Life. The animation is bright and colorful which really adds to the fantasy setting. I can not not mention Tet’s character design, it’s spot on and perfect for a playful god like him. The rest of the character’s designs are great as well, but I think that Tet’s design stands out the most and I wish he’d get more screen time. The humor is nothing we haven’t seen or heard before, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re a fan of ecchi jokes.


All in all, No Game No Life is one anime that you shouldn’t miss on. It has humor, pretty animation, lovable characters and an interesting story. I’m sure that once you’re finished watching it, you’ll be left wanting more!

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