Update: Yet Another Absence and the Future Of The Site

Update: Yet Another Absence and the Future Of The Site

Once again, I’m posting an update that I hoped could be avoided. However, it seems like my life has different plans. Just like in the very first update article I wrote, I will be talking about the reasons behind the lack of content (my absence) and the future of the website.

Yet Another Absence

The reason behind this long streak of no content is the fact that I got pretty sick two weeks ago. And, if that wasn’t good enough, I recently suffered from some more medical issues and now I’m happily taking medicine to combat that medical issue.

I’m getting better day by day so I expect to be able to start writing proper content within the next few days. I’ve finished several anime series while I’ve been bedridden so there’s plenty of things that I’d like to review, talk about and share with the rest of the world.

Future of irateANIME

I’ve contacted Crunchyroll about their affiliate program, but I haven’t heard a single word from them, so I assume that they’re either too busy to respond or they simply don’t wish to be affiliated with the website at this point.

Whichever the case, I’ve decided to drop the idea of being affiliated with Crunchyroll. This of course does not mean that the Crunchyroll buttons located inside the articles will disappear. They still serve their original purpose; Providing a quick way for readers to access the site where they can legally watch the anime the article is talking about.

About a month ago, I contacted a web developer who has been hard at work writing a couple of plugins that we’ll be using. One will make sure that the reader is aware that he/she is attempting to view an article that contains what we consider adult content (mainly articles concerning eroge).

The other plugin will allow us to write and update articles in real time. It’s main usage will be in the upcoming series where we review anime on a per episode basis. In the future, we would like to be able to use this feature to organize anime watching marathons with live commentary on interesting and/or funny things that are happening in the anime.


New content will be coming to the site towards the middle of the next week when I’m hopefully feeling all better and am off the painkillers.

My real name is Andraž, but online most people call me KAMI. While I have a passion for tech and games; anime is my true love. In my free time, I like to watch anime and write about things that interest me.

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