Episodic: Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darou ka

Episodic: Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darou ka

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darou ka was on our Most Anticipated Anime Of 2015 list so you can imagine that we were really excited when it started airing. Let’s see if the anime was worth putting up on that list, shall we!

Note: Due to being a tad bit busy on several occasions, I’ve missed several episodes’ original air dates. Those episodes’ summaries were posted one the same day as the next episode’s summary. Apologies!

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Episode 1 – Bell Cranel | Adventurer

I enjoyed the first episode of the anime. It wasn’t spectacular, but it did end up with me wanting to watch more which is good for the very first episode of the series.

The protagonist (Bell) reminds me a lot of Kirito from Sword Art Online, but that’s not a coincidence since the characters share the voice actor. The fact that in this world, adventurers kill monsters that turn/drop strange gems that are later sold for a profit also reminds me of Kyoukai no Kanata.

Bell and Hestia

Yet another protagonist unwilling to take what he is given.

All in all, pretty strong start for the series and I’m looking forward to watching more of it in the upcoming weeks.

Episode 2 – Monsterphilia | Monster Festival

Nothing really major happened in this episode, with exception of Bell showing his manly side by protecting Hestia from a giant cyborg gorilla.

We also caught a glimpse of Bell’s new dagger that was specially created for him by one of the goddesses, Hephaestus thanks to begging Hestia.

Bell's Dagger

Rather menacing dagger possibly imbued with magic.

We might have been introduced to the show’s antagonists, but we can not be certain, since several characters have been acting somewhat shady in this episode.

Episode 3 – Hestia Knife | The Blade of a God

Finally we saw some pretty awesome action and Bell acting like a badass, he’s finally starting to resemble Kirito from Sword Art Online. Hopefully the action is going to get more intense from here on out.

We also discovered who was hiding behind the hood and who orchestrated the escape of various monsters, including the armored gorilla (turns out it’s not a cyborg) that Bell ends up fighting. The episode itself was rather good, interesting and I’m looking forward to see what happens next. However, it could do without Bell crying in every other scene.

If the crying doesn’t stop, he’s going to become the next Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion) or Raki (Claymore).


The mysterious hooded figure turns out to be one of the gods!

So far so good, really looking forward to the next episode!

Episode 4 – Supporter | The Weak

I believe this is the best episode thus far. Possibly, because Bell is steadily growing (himself as well as his harem of women) and continues to interact with pretty interesting people while remaining oblivious to any ill intends around him.

This time we were introduced to a cute little kemonomimi girl, Liliruca. At first she’s up to no good, but (presumably) turns around when she sees Bell treating her well as his supporter.


Backpack has to be enchanted, there’s no way she’s carrying that without any help from magic!

At the very end of the episode we see our antagonist goddess preparing her next plan to mess with Bell and (possibly) Hestia.

Episode 5 – Grimoire | Magic Book

Another week, another decent episode, this time with some additional fanservice for the fans of  big-busted loli, Hestia and Sword Princess, Aizu.

Aizu Wallenstein

Aizu Wallenstein’s glorious underboob.

Another episode nearly devoid of action. Luckily they distract us from that fact with some fanservice as well as some further development in Lili’s backstory which pretty much explains why she’s so determined to steal Bell’s magical dagger.

Despite the fact that I’d prefer to see some more action, I’m not disappointed with current development of the events. However, I’m still hoping that there’s going to be some action soon to justify the fact that this harem anime takes place in a fantasy world and follows an adventurer.

Episode 6 – Liliruca Arde | Reason

This weeks episode made sure to make up for previous episodes being without much action. We got to see Bell killing a huge Orc, fighting several of them at once and straight up obliterating several Killer Ants in order to save Lili’s life later on.

Bell Fighting Killer Ants

Bell being a bad-ass, fighting several Killer Ants at once.

Despite Lili’s backstory being really sad and made me want to punch everyone who harmed her, it was very enjoyable, though somewhat predictable. It turns out that Lili’s not a kemonomimi which was quite a shock to me despite several characters pointing to this.

Well, at least now I know that this world has simple conjuring magic that can be used for trick people into thinking that you’re a cute nekomimi.

Episode 7 – Aiz Wallenstein | Sword Princess

Despite knowing before that Lili joined Bell’s harem, we got to see a scene that confirms it. Bell is certainly one lucky guy having at least one girl dotting over him per scene.

Hestia and Liliruca dotting on Bell

There’s nothing better than a doting loli on each arm.

The story itself didn’t progress much which was rather disappointing. However, we did see someone training a monster (yes, training) which is rather peculiar. Definitely gets me excited for the next episode, since hopefully Bell will take on that Minotaur with the new skills that he obtained while Aiz trained him.

Episode 8 - Argonaut | Wanting To Be A Hero

Two weeks ago we saw some ominous man training a Minotaur which was major foreshadowing. In this episode we finally saw some more action and Bell finally acting like a protagonist by single-handedly killing the mentioned Minotaur and saving Lili once again.


Goddess Freya in ecstasy while watching our protagonist struggle against the Minotaur.

It was a fierce battle, but in the end Bell prevailed and even managed to ascend to the next level, meaning that he’s now a bit more closer to his goal – being a hero.

Episode 9 – Welf Crozzo | Blacksmith

Bell has finally leveled up to level 2 and it was about time someone else beside Lili, joins his party. Welf Crozzo, a talented blacksmith, joined Bell’s harem party. He ended up making Bell another unique weapon. This time the weapon is from the horn of the Minotaur that Bell defeated in the previous episode.


Bell’s new weapon by the name of Ushiwakamaru.

I was pleasantly surprised when a man joined his party instead of another girl, especially when we consider that DanMachi is pretty much your typical harem anime in a fantasy setting. Hopefully more male characters make their debut to break the harem stereotype at least a tiny bit.

Episode 10 – Pass Parade Procession of Monsters

DanMachi is picking up in action and it seems that we’ll get more of it in the upcoming episodes. Looking forward to seeing Welf, Lili and Bell kicking more monster’s asses!


Sinister bunny monsters found on the middle floors of the dungeon…Apparently they’re called Al-mi’raj.

This week’s episode was pretty entertaining, especially since we were introduced to couple of new monsters; evil bunnies carrying axes and hounds that breathe fire. Bell’s party is currently in a pinch, but I’m sure they’ll manage to prevail in the next week’s episode.

Episode 11 – Under Resort | Labyrinth Utopia

This episode was really uneventful and rather boring. Though, I have to admit that I did somewhat tens up when Bell was running away through the boss room while carrying Welf and Lili in each of his hands.

Other than that, the episode was really calming and somewhat disappointing. I expected Bell to fight the boss in order to protect his friends and then be rescued by either Aiz Wallenstein or the search party organized by Hestia and the others.

Bell, Aiz and Two Groupies

Two girls getting overly familiar with Bell while Aiz carefully watches their every move.

Well, at least I didn’t predict the outcome which is somewhat reassuring, since that means that I’ll be able to enjoy the rest of Danmachi due to it not being as predictable as I thought it will be.

Episode 12 – Show | Evil Intentions

This episode made me realize that there are two kinds of people in this anime world. People (mainly girls) that like Bell and support him with all they’ve got and people who either hate Bell or want to test him in brutal ways.

I didn’t really like this episode, because it contradicted itself. Hestia was kidnapped and Bell was challenged to a duel in order to save her. However, at the very end it was Hestia who saved Bell from possible death, by unleashing her godly powers.


Funny enough, she has to loose her twin tails in order to look somewhat frighting.

In other words, Hestia didn’t unleash her powers until she was rescued by Lili and saw Bell in trouble, which was rather convenient. She could’ve unleashed her powers before and we would’ve avoided the whole duel and proceed with the story, but I guess they had to make this season last one episode longer than your average seasonal anime.

Episode 13 – Familia Myth | The Story of a Familia

The season finale was as grand as it should be and I have to admit that I was rather surprised considering how poor the previous episode was. However, luckily Danmachi came through for me and I don’t regret sticking with it till the end.

The earthquake that we saw at the very end of the previous episode turned out to be a start of a grand entrance of a Goliath boss. The boss’ design was pretty lackluster compared to the other tough monsters that Bell prevailed against. However, nonetheless, the fight with the boss was pretty entertaining.

Bell Killing The Boss

Bell’s final blow to the Goliath boss.

Like in majority of anime, the last blow (technically, two blows) was given by our protagonist, Bell. However, other characters bravely fought as well and didn’t just stand there and watch like bunch of weaklings.

Of course it would be even better if someone else would’ve finished the boss monster (level 5), since Bell is supposed to be only level 2. Though I wont say that it wasn’t grand and looked badass when he stabbed his special dagger into boss’ crystal.

All in all, Danmachi was a pretty entertaining. It has its downsides, but in my opinion the good things prevail over the bad ones and it’s definitely worth checking out, especially now that the first season is over and you’re able to marathon through it.

As for the question if it deserved to be placed on our Most Anticipated Anime Of 2015. I still think that it deserves the spot. Despite not being able to watch the anime every single week, I personally still eagerly waited for opportunity to do just that and that’s what the list we made is all about.

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