Review: Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki Ken

Several of my friends and acquaintances suggested that I should check out Tokyo Ghoul, because apparently it’s a masterpiece. I usually don’t give in to suggestions, because I tend not to like the same series as my friends do, but this time I gave in and started watching Tokyo Ghoul.

I’ve devoured the entire first season within two days. It’s been awhile since I watched an anime series that told me the start of an amazing story as well as made me think about how humanity is pretty much scared of its own shadow and that we would do anything in order to make sure we’re the dominant species, even if that means killing our own sub-breed.

Tokyo Ghoul follows the life of Kaneki who is a one of a kind specimen among ghouls as well as humans; he is half-ghoul and half-human. We are shown how Kaneki became a ghoul and by the end of the season we learn why he’s such a pansy for the majority of the first season and why he didn’t embrace his ghoul side prior to his final moments. The first half of the anime is a bit weaker compared to the second half, but that’s mainly because it’s trying to explain as much about the world as possible while still keep the things moving.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a gore-fest bonanza and I loved every second of it. I loved all of the various decapitations, stabbings, pools of blood as well as all the limbs flying across the screen. The animation is gorgeous, though the color palette is sometimes a bit off on certain scenes, but it’s nothing that skews enjoyment of the overall anime.

The biggest gripe I have with Tokyo Ghoul is the pacing of the main character’s, Kaneki’s, growth that occurs through the anime. It’s really badass to see the MC snap at the last moment, suddenly gaining some unexplainable strength and kill the oppressor. However, that trope has been overplayed by now and I honestly expected the MC to grow over time instead of just suddenly snapping and miraculously become overpowered.

Though I have to give credit where credit is due. The snapping scene is done very well and somewhat makes sense that he’d go berserk after all he’s been through. Of course that still doesn’t explain the sudden jump in agility and strength.

Overall, the anime is a must watch. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a fan of horror or not. It might be a bit too much for you if you’re really squeamish, but even if you are it’s worth suffering through it for the great story, animation and interesting characters.

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