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Akutagawa Taketo

I came across R-15 while looking for ecchi anime to watch over at Crunchyroll. I decided to give it a go and after seeing the first few seconds I was intrigued enough to keep on watching. Sadly the anime is heavily censored on Crunchyroll, meaning that if you want to enjoy the full experience you will have to purchase a copy of the anime.

As a straight male, I am obviously attracted to all kinds of boobs, asses and other various parts of the female body, be it real or drawn. I really enjoyed the first season of Freezing and High School DxD and I thought that R-15 will be similar, but I was gravely mistaken.

I cannot talk about R-15 without addressing the atrocious censoring that’s found on Crunchyroll. The censor is the glorious “white light” that spans across half of the screen to make sure that no one can enjoy it whatsoever. The very first scene also contains a censor around the female’s nether region, despite the fact that the region on the uncensored version is fully hidden behind the skirt. I personally wouldn’t mind the censor if it wouldn’t span across half of the screen which is annoying and not enjoyable for anyone, especially considering the type of anime R-15 is.

R-15's Censor

R-15 is a slice of life ecchi harem anime (not sure about the harem part, though) that heavily focuses on fanservice. Majority of people would call this anime a borderline hentai, because the anime can’t go without showing tits or ass for more than a couple of minutes. To be fair, the anime’s setting demands those moments considering that our protagonist is a porno novelist who after seeing a girl in an interesting scenario will subconsciously start writing about a naughty scenario involving the girl.

This sounds pretty funny, but I can guarantee that it gets stale rather quickly, even for the hardcore perverts such as myself. Especially when the scenarios he imagines get rehashed later in the anime. Other running gags also get stale quickly to the point where I was starting to wonder how this even got 12 episodes along with an OVA.

R-15’s overall story is pretty straight forward. Our protagonist has done something embarrassing to one of his female classmates and is trying to fix the misunderstanding as well as become closer to her. She is also the only one in the entire school who doesn’t know that he writes porn novels for a living, which is just baffling, but I guess she’s as dense to obvious stuff as I am.

[Paragraph Spoiler content=”I don’t think that I’m spoiling much, but by the end of the anime, he manages to make up with the girl as well as help her overcome her fears and insecurities. The anime ends on a note that leaves room for a nonexistent second season as it’s the standard for anime adaptations that are made solely to advertise the original material.”]

All in all, R-15 is one of the worst anime that I’ve watched in the recent years. I’m not surprised when I learned that it did very poorly in Japan and I’m very surprised that Crunchyroll picked it up and translated it for our viewing displeasure.

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