Review: Tokyo Ghoul √A

Kaneki Ken

After watching the first season of Tokyo Ghoul and enjoying it more than I probably should, I’ve decided to check out the second season. After finishing Tokyo Ghoul √A, I can now understand people who are saying that watching the anime is a waste of time that could be better spent reading the Tokyo Ghoul manga.

Note: Several observations and points that I make during the review are major spoilers for both seasons of the anime. I did my best to hide the spoilers behind a blur, but I do not wish to blur out half of the review like I did previously, so minor and first season’s spoilers are in plain sight.

Tokyo Ghoul √A picks up right where the first season left off, with Kaneki leaving the building where he was forced to accept the ghoul half of himself. This is where my first gripe comes in. Later in the season he’s fighting his ghoul half and once again crying that he doesn’t wish to eat anyone anymore. This development pretty much throws away the rather epic finale to the first season.

Second season shifted its focus from the story to action. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing if new, interesting characters wouldn’t be introduced throughout the season. We got introduced to several (five, if I’m not mistaken) members of the Aogiri Tree and we know little to nothing about them or what their goals are, apart from the fact that they believe in ghouls being superior to humans. We also got introduced to twin sisters Kuro and Shiro, who are one-eyed ghouls just like Kaneki and ex-students of the Ghoul Investigator School (?).

Kaneki fighting with Jason

The quality of the animation is the same as it was in the first season of Tokyo Ghoul with exception of the Kagune effects, which seem to look even prettier than before. However, I must say that the last episode of the season was really poor when it came to the animation. The screen was very dark (perhaps even pitch black) half of the time. I completely understand that it was all happening at night, but nonetheless it felt as if they were compensating for putting too much time and effort into something else.

To be completely honest, despite being able to marathon the anime in a single evening (thanks to plenty of action), I have to say that I was really disappointed. Sure, the action is great and seeing Kaneki finally being badass 90% of the time was refreshing, but I hoped that they would have furthered the story more.

All in all, Tokyo Ghoul √A was a major disappointment and it made me realize just how much I dislike cliffhangers. I’ll be picking up the manga ASAP in order to satisfy my need for answers to the questions I have.

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