Best Anime Character Designs #2

Black Lotus

There are many character designs that I’m ecstatic about and I cannot wait for them to appear on-screen. Due to this I’ve decided to write a follow up to the original article of the same title and I can almost guarantee that this one will not be the last one. To hopefully cut back on the amount of these articles, I’ve decided to list 10 instead of the regular 5 of my favorite character designs.

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Visual Novels Every Newcomer Should Play

Girls of Katawa Shoujo

There are thousands of visual novels for us to play, especially if you are able to read Japanese. Sadly not all of them are good and suitable for someone who is just starting to discover the great world of visual novels and most likely does not speak or read Japanese. I have decided to provide a list of five visual novels that should be an enjoyable read and hopefully get you craving for visual novels.

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